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Plotter — a device for the transfer (with very high accuracy!) graphic digital data for a Foundation. The original image can be automatically increased many times or multiplied, so that it fills the entire surface of the material-the basics.

Cutting plotters can simultaneously print and cut material. Cutting plotter as plotter printing, high — precision. Using the plotter to cut, for example, stencils of any complexity, letters, inscriptions, to make the perforation. The plotter may not penetrate the Foundation through, notching only its upper layer. If the basis is a self-adhesive film, you get a sticker with a sharp.

The cost of the plotter

Preparing files for vinyl cutting requires qualification: it is necessary to observe the exact size of parts, especially small ones, to track the contour of the cutting, which should be clear, to avoid intersecting parts. Printing PMG provides design services of printing products, prepress and file directly to the plotter.

We work round the clock and even a large order can execute immediately in the format of "cutting plotter 24".

The table shows total prices for the most popular types of products (full price list can be downloaded here). The printing Manager will calculate the final cost of the order taking into account the material used and printing technology.

The materials used

The printing house maintains a warehouse stock of all types most in demand by customers materials for the manufacture of products with plotter cutting. Always available:

  • Vinyl self-adhesive film,
  • Film Oracal,
  • Banner mesh,
  • Paper, poster paper, photo paper,
  • Cardboard and foam Board,
  • Plexiglass,
  • Various types of plastic and PVC
  • Faux leather and textile.

Applying the plotter printing and plotter cutting

Vector plotter printing is used for scaling and replication of the vector image, for example, complex charts, drawings, maps, architectural projects that print on paper (including large formats up to A0) or on tracing paper. Vector plotters do not differ good color, but the fidelity of the image, they have no equal.

In the advertising printing plotter printing is widely used to create, for example, banners and stretch marks. For these purposes, the plotters of a different type —raster, they can pass the shades with high accuracy.

Print material may be used in rolls, which allows to create images in very big sizes or immediately to print a large circulation of small forms such as label, sticker.

Plotter printing is a relatively recent invention, she ain't 40 years old. But the technology is progressing rapidly and is widely applied in many industries:

  • Advertising and printing. Plotter printing and plotter cutting are used in the manufacture of printed promotional products for decorating Windows, Windows, for the production of banners, banners. Many types of products can be manufactured on self-adhesive film, for example, stickers on cars, POS-materials, stickers, labels.
  • Construction, interior design and facilities. Based on the same self-adhesive film using the neighing of the plotter can be generated lettering, signs, signage, stencils. Raster plotters are used when copying architectural projects, paintings, the creation of materials for information booths.
  • Textile production. Plotters are widely used for the replication of patterns, patterns and stencils. In addition, they are used to create materials for thermal transfer printing: the resulting image then use the heat press machine is transferred to the decorated product, for example, on clothing, t-shirts.
  • Treatment of glass and metal. Plotters are used for cutting covering film in front of sandblasted surfaces, their painting or matting. Thus it is possible to obtain labels and any drawings including the small details.


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