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Variable data printing is a kind of design of printing, when each copy is printed with its individual parameters: name, address, graphic images (photos, bar codes, etc.). Personalization of printing, often used for printing mass mailings, notifications about special offer on holding corporate events or for printing certificates, diplomas, invitations. "PMG printing house" offers professional services in manufacturing printed products, in particular, one of the directions is the personalization of variable data. We use quality materials, digital technology is used for application information and images.

The cost of printing

The cost of printing variables can not be fixed, as it depends on several parameters:

  • the format of the document;
  • the availability of a ready layout or the need for its development by the designer of the printing house;
  • paper type;
  • the amount of circulation;
  • the urgency of the order execution;
  • the number of fields with unique data;
  • the need for post-printing processing.

The final cost, how much will cost the application of variable data, in each case, the Manager calculates individually.

The types of variable data

Personalization can be used in any documents, these can be bar codes, and various text elements:

  • Name;
  • passport data;
  • address;
  • name of the organization;
  • photo and images;
  • room, price and other elements.

Personalization of printed products

Personalization is of the following types.

  1. Text. Is mainly used for making newsletters, invitations, corporate greetings.
  2. Digital. This is a printing products with QR codes and barcodes and series numbers.
  3. Art. In its manufacture are used, personal information such as photos.

This created unique calendars, magazines, greeting cards. Variable data is applied through digital, color or black and white. Often used combination method when using offset technology produces a colored pattern, and then it is applied personalization using digital variable data printing. "PMG printing house" is ready to execute any order for the production of printed products. Including printing of personal data. You can place your order either online or in person at the office of the company.


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