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Souvenir products are in demand all year round, regardless of the time of year. It is widely used for exhibitions, presentations, during the promotions, as well as during meetings with business partners. Printing on Souvenirs logo of the company allows to make the brand recognizable, to conduct a successful advertising campaign, to attract to their product/service to potential consumers and for a short time to get results. "PMG printing house" is working on the printing market since 2006, during this time, its specialists have carried out a large number of orders for the branding of souvenir production, using modern technologies such as silkscreen, pad printing, embossing, UV printing.

The cost of printing on Souvenirs

The price of printing and souvenir products depends on such parameters of the order:

  • the customer has the final layout or the need for its development by the designer of typography;
  • the form of a souvenir (especially print media);
  • the technology of putting an image/logo, the complexity of the work;
  • circulation, the higher it is, the lower the cost of manufacturing each copy;
  • the production time.

"PMG printing house" offers fast printing of the logo, but the price in this case will be higher. The total amount the Manager can be calculated only after clarification of all order parameters.

The types of Souvenirs

Logo printing on the souvenir production involves the use of such products:

  • stationery: pens, pencils, notepads, calendars, etc.;
  • clothing: t-shirts, overalls;
  • office supplies: mouse pads, folders, signs.

More information need to check with the Manager, which calculates the cost of performing the order, and answer any questions.

The technology of printing on souvenir production

Logo on souvenir production immediately makes it an effective promotional product. Business gifts allow you to establish a personal contact of your company with the customer, provided that printing is done efficiently. "Printing PMG" in their work applies the following technologies:

  • pad printing — the image is resistant to wear, and the colors are bright;
  • screen printing — the technology allows to apply the data to products made of plastic, cardboard, cotton, faux leather and many other materials;
  • digital printing;
  • sublimation is a type of printing from digital media on special paper, and then the thermal transfer image onto the prepared surface.

Souvenir printing in the "Printing PMG" is always quickly and efficiently, using modern equipment.


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