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Adhesive film is frequently used as a material for the manufacture of promotional products. It applied company logos, bright and stylish image in the design of advertising stands, shop fronts, vehicle advertising, building facades. In the "Typography SGP", you can order prints on self-adhesive vinyl of the following types:

  • solid adhesive — used for advertising indoors or in transport;
  • translucent and transparent should be applied on white and transparent surfaces;
  • perforated film is used for advertising in public transport, keep a light transmittance of the glass.

In the "Typography SGP", you can order printing on selfglue different type. All work on the image drawing performed on modern equipment, so products for a long time retains its original appearance, withstands abrasion and does not require special care.

The cost of printing on film

How much it costs to order prints on the tape? This question has no unequivocal answer, because the final amount depends on such parameters of the order:

  • the availability of a ready layout or its lack;
  • the type of material used;
  • the volume content;
  • the print type;
  • the complexity of the work;
  • the need for additional processing;
  • edition;
  • production time can be an urgent print on vinyl.

In order to calculate the cost of order execution, must provide to the Manager "Printing PMG" all the data that will be considered. So, for urgent issue, deliver products by courier and other additional services will have to pay more.

The advantages of printing on film

There are many reasons why advertising is run, as printing on film, self-adhesive sticker:

  • extensive scope of application;
  • such material, especially white self-adhesive film, resistant to weathering, adhesive holds firmly on the surface;
  • durable adhesion of the adhesive layer to any surface: glass, plastic, metal and other materials;
  • good color rendering;
  • the film can be combined with lighting, such advertising constructions look very effectively;
  • the ability to print on film with the use of different technologies, depending on the quantities and technical specifications;
  • ease of installation and maintenance.

In the "Typography SGP", you can order prints of any advertising of products on paper, cardboard, including on film. Depending on where you are using advertising.

A method of printing on film

There are several ways to print on vinyl film, the choice depends on the technical parameters of the order, as well as how much is willing to pay the customer for the service.

  1. Large format printing. This technology is used in the case when you need to produce products of a large size, for example, with the release of labels to the transport.
  2. Interior printing. This method will be the best choice when you want to print products that will consumers to look closely, at close range. As interior technology ensures high quality printing on film with a resolution of 1440 dpi.
  3. Offset printing. Used for the manufacture of a large number of instances. With this technology it is possible to perform monochrome and full-color images.

Additionally, the "PMG Printing house" offers postpress products, to give it visual appeal and exclusive performance. For example, you can do this by laminating the colored film, which provides additional protection from moisture, sunlight and keeping the product for a long time.


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