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A large part of printed products, customers today expect to print in color.

Color printing is possible using both offset and digital technologies. The equipment of our printing house provides high-speed fabrication of full color printing products of any format, we have highly qualified specialists and provide a full range of printing services, including — what is especially important in the case of colour offset printing — professional and quality prepress.

The advantages of printing PMG —compliance with the requirements and conditions of the customer and strict compliance with the agreed terms, including, if color printing is needed urgently.

The price of color printing of documents

Color printing and immediate reproduction of documents of any format in the printing can be done quickly. Prices on printing documents the most common format in the table. The printout can be any number of copies, from one copy.

The final cost of printing depends on the order urgency, circulation, materials, technology used, and a number of other important parameters and is determined on the basis of operational advice to the customer.

Printing PMG operates around the clock and maintains the warehouse stock of materials, the most popular when you print documents. Experts printing PMG will gladly help you make the best choice, so that a color printout of the documents did not cost much and was done with the best possible quality.

Materials for applying color printing

Thanks to modern digital technology, color printing is cheap as ever, but is of high quality and accurate color from virtually any printed material:

Offset printing allows you to transfer colorful color images and text on paper and cardboard.

UV inks, you can perform a color printing on film, glass, metals, plastics, fabrics, ceramic tile, glass, metal, skin.

Color large format printing on vinyl, mesh, cardboard used in the manufacture of advertising banners.

At the same time, the material basis may be subject to certain requirements, for example, the degree of smoothness, ability to absorb dye. The printing specialists will be happy to help you with the choice of materials and technologies that ensure a high quality end product.


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