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Our company differs from others because you have to come to us just in order to take your ready order. Placing an order is possible by e-mail. By the way, it’s not our only advantage making us different from our competitors. You will not get a refuse from us because there is no suitable paper. We have more than 100 kinds of paper at your service. So don’t worry, your visit to our office won’t upset you with unexpected “news”.
We never say no to our clients. We have enough equipment to please every customer. Your order will be ready according to the schedule and the agreement concluded.
Sometimes there is a question: “What visiting cards is it better to order - expensive or money-saving kind?”
Budget variants are good because just in half an hour you get the needed number of visiting cards made with the help of offset printing. Moreover, it’s possible to see exactly the quality of the whole bulk looking at just one copy. With a large variety of printing paper even the economy variants will look quite decent.
Offset printing will demand making a special plate for copy-making. In this case the bigger your order is the more profitable it will be for you. We will make it in two weeks.
Color paper and foiling will make a visiting card very special. Such solutions come into life just in one day.
For business people there exist status visiting cards, but the deadline will be in 3 or even 7 days. So that you could have a visiting card while we are working over your order we could provide you with some free samples.
And the most important thing – what is necessary to do so that a client didn’t throw away your card just at once? The answer is very simple. You should attract the person’s attention. Then he/she will keep it as a souvenir. Our designers could do such a thing – at your presence the design is worked out, with the respect to your own style. We also work at weekends when many designer agencies of Moscow rest.

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Цветность 1+0 черно-белая печать с одной строны                      
Цветность 4+0 цветная печать с одной строны                      
Цветность 4+4 цветная печать с двух строн                      

Наберите нам +7 (495) 120-0209 или нажмите кнопку справа!

Мы действительно заботимся о наших пользователях и нашем продукте.





Call us +7(495)120-02-09 and you can order sample!

We really care about our users and our product.

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