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Naturally, with the advent of the Internet and various gadgets, the popularity of printed products has declined considerably. But in spite of this, a large percentage of those who likes to read, they also continue to give preference to traditional books. So edition hardback also remain in demand, and the production of books in hardcover is a popular service which are ordered in the company "PMG Printing house". Here you can apply for the release of the printed product in any quantity and different subjects (science, education, arts, entertainment, dictionaries, etc.). On the customer's requested soft cover (generally used for methodical and children's literature), and books in hard cover as the more expensive version, suitable for print reference books, fiction literature.

The cost of printing books

Price is an important parameter taken into account by the customers of the printing house. To give an answer immediately on the question of cost is almost impossible, as the final sum of the following factors.

  1. Format. Standard size is A4 (297*210mm) and A5 (148*210mm).
  2. The type of binding. Naturally, the hardcover will have to pay much higher.
  3. The type cover. Full-colour print runs on coated paper, black-and-white offset. A more expensive option cover under the skin of vinyl papers.
  4. Page. They can be black and white (with a budget type pages), colour or black-and-white with color inserts.
  5. Circulation. What it is, the lower the price per copy.
  6. The time of printing.

The cost of how much it will cost and production of printed materials, particularly books, is calculated in each case individually.

Print circulation

A large circulation of books necessary for a wide audience. As a rule, fiction books and manuals, intended for training. But, there are situations when you want to print one book:

  • presentation of the new works, so to speak, the pilot project;
  • the sample for the evaluation of future copies.
  • commemorative edition;
  • corporate literature;
  • scientific work.

"PMG printing house" specializes in the production of books in any volume from one instance and more.

The choice of cover

The function of binding to link the pages in one block and "dress" edition in the cover. There are many types of cover, the choice when ordering to print the book depends on the type and purpose of the publication.

  1. 7БЦ. Products with such binding generally involves the use as the cover of a cardboard coated with a layer of a polymeric film. For printing used or digital offset printing.
  2. 7B. Print books with this type of binding is performed with the cover of the vinyl papers, which kashiwada cardboard. Images are applied by the method of foil or extrusion dies.
  3. KBS. Soft cover is glued to the book block by way of Torremirona.
  4. Integral cover. For the cover used one sheet of cardboard, covered with laminating film.

If we talk about the hard cover, it refers to not only cover, but also a number of elements connecting it with the block: flyleaf — folded sheet of thick paper, glued on one side to the cardboard and edge of the second to the title page of the book; printing gauze which is glued to the spine; headband is a narrow strip of white or colored fabric.

Materials and types of printing

Print books in the following ways. Offset printing. The technology is applicable when you want to produce a large or medium copies, 200 pieces. The drawing of the image may be color or black-and-white paint. Kind of paper in offset printing is not limited to: plain, coated (glossy or matte). Digital printing. Used when you need a small circulation. The paper weight can be in the range from 80 to 120 g/m2.


Book production begins with making the layout. If you already have an existing layout, then you should know the main requirements to them. For the book is two separate files, one of which is a block (text edition), and the second is a cover.

  1. Requirements blocks: the PDF file is provided by page, all colors are converted to CMYK or greyscale, all fonts must be embedded in the PDF file, the resolution of the images at least 300 dpi.
  2. The requirements cover: a file must be submitted as a single PDF file in turn; the text on the spine is possible if the thickness exceeds 10 mm, and the height of the letters smaller than the width of the spine 4 mm, small fonts and lines should be of only one color; the image resolution is at least 300 dpi.

Advantages of book printing in the printing PMG

Printing books is one of the main activities of the company "PMG Printing house", which in the printing market since 2006 and during that time has accumulated extensive experience and gathered in the state capital's best specialists. But this is not the most important advantage of the organization. You should refer to "Printing PMG" for the following reasons:

  • execution of orders for production of books in exactly spelled out in the contract terms;
  • the production is equipped with modern equipment, calibrated according to European standards;
  • strict observance of all wishes of the customer;
  • individual solution to the problem;
  • 100% no errors in the execution of the order;
  • work 24/7, so you can Express the production of books, any edition;
  • performance of a complex post-printing processing of printed products.

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Printing Services

Offset printing

Offset printing is still the most popular form of printing, and at the same time, the classical way of printing services.

Digital printing

Digital printing is much faster and faster solves the issues associated with the speed of execution of any orders with any complexity.

Large format printing

Large format printing is used for the production of banners, banners, stands, performing its advertising functions around the clock and in any weather.

Design development

We offer services of design, layout of various printed products.

UV printing

UV printing - a kind of inkjet printing using inks that harden when examined by ultraviolet rays.

Plotter cutting

Technology that allows to penetrate to the substrate, carving, punching, cutting through the material along the contour of the image of different materials.

Advertising Printing

Advertising printing is the production of any printed materials used to promote products, services or the company that makes these products or services.

Office Printing

Fast printing

Urgent printing

Fast printing, typically performed with the use of digital technologies as prepress in this case requires a significant time and is reduced to working with color, affixing the label and determining the position of an object on the printed sheets.

24 hour printing

Printing PMG accepts print orders 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We provide a full range of printing services of high quality — from product conception to packaging and delivery of copies to the address specified by the customer.

Black and white print

Black and white print can be made as quickly as possible and with very high resolution.

Color print

A large part of printed products, customers today expect to print in color. Color printing is possible using both offset and digital technologies.

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