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Printing of packaging in Moscow.

The printing house "PMG" produces packaging of various types, such as boxes, boxes for pharmaceuticals, boxes for shoes, boxes for the food industry, boxes for perfumes, boxes for jewelry, etc. From one box to hundreds of thousands.

One of the new services we are glad to introduce to you.

• "Printing of short-run packaging"

• "Manufacturing of a package with variable data"

• "Printing Personalized Packaging"

• "Printing of promo packaging"

• "Manufacturing of packaging samples"

We make packing from your models, and also can offer services of our design and design department. Printing of packaging is carried out in digital and offset way depending on your circulation. A wide park post printing equipment, will additionally highlight your packaging on the shelves and shelves. Cardboard packaging for your products made in the printing plant "PMG" - guaranteed to provide your product, among hundreds of other products. At present the printing house has launched a unique equipment for the production of cardboard packaging, design types of cardboard and plastic. Printing of samples of cardboard packaging is carried out digitally on Heidelberg VersaFire CV printing machines. This printing method allows us to produce various types of carton packs: in small print runs, to make samples of cardboard boxes, as well as to produce cardboard packaging on various colored and dark cardboard types. So, with this method, white color is printed in the beginning, and the full-color image is printed on top. Thanks to this, you can get a bright and colorful cardboard package made of designer cardboard. Also with this method of manufacturing cardboard packaging, each product can have a unique design.

For the following types of finishing carton packaging, in our printing plant is two industrial laminator GMP, Sagitta. They allow to refine the cardboard packaging with different types of lamination, glossy, matte and with the effect of velvet.


Also, you can selectively varnish carton packs: glossy, matte, with glosses, paints that change color at different temperatures and even special types of varnish that have different aromatic properties. Different types of stamping will help differentiate your packaging: color foil, embossed stamping and blint.


The form of products is attached to special equipment. For test samples of a cardboard package, cutting is performed on a ZUND cutting plotter. For small-circulation types of packaging on a cut-off crucible. And for large-scale runs of cardboard packaging, the KAMA TS-74S is cut. The cardboard boxes are assembled automatically on a high-speed (up to 400 meters per minute) Jiangberg DIANA folding gluing machine (this method is suitable for small and large packagings) or manually special glue (this way of assembling the package is ideal for test samples of cardboard packaging).


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Цветность 1+0 черно-белая печать с одной строны                      
Цветность 4+0 цветная печать с одной строны                      
Цветность 4+4 цветная печать с двух строн                      

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