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As a rule, no self-respecting company could do without invitation cards and tickets. And the printing house “Polygraph Media Group” is at your service here.
Our specialists will fulfil invitation cards printing in Moscow as soon as possible, they will also help you to work out the design and offer the most unusual kinds of paper.
Do you want to congratulate a b-day person or a just married couple with a bright and exclusive postcard? Then you have chosen the right way! Not depending on the circulation and using the most different exclusive paper, we will make any postcards. In case of corporate exhibitions or some other events you may need to print your people’s names. For that you may contact our managers with the list of names. We will be glad to print your cards using pressing, cladding and silk-screening. If you have any questions, you may contact our managers.

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Цветность 1+0 черно-белая печать с одной строны                      
Цветность 4+0 цветная печать с одной строны                      
Цветность 4+4 цветная печать с двух строн                      

Наберите нам +7 (495) 120-0209 или нажмите кнопку справа!

Мы действительно заботимся о наших пользователях и нашем продукте.





Call us +7(495)120-02-09 and you can order sample!

We really care about our users and our product.

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