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In the printing PMG, you can order prints of postcards with a unique design. They can be custom size, any shape, personalised, personalized, with additional tabs. We can print three-dimensional, tactile, holographic cards, greeting cards with a photo supplied by the client. The set of postcards printing can manufacture envelopes.

Greeting cards are part of business etiquette. Unusual corporate cards with logo and branding of the company are not perceived as self-promotion and as a gift, a manifestation of individual attention to clients and partners.

We are confident that our products will let a small but very enjoyable part of any holiday and will keep good wishes for years to come.

The printing cost of postcards

The cost of manufacturing printed products to order always depends on the printing technology, substrate, circulation, complexity of design and layout. In this case, the price of printing services is strongly influenced by post-print processing: it is given special attention.

The format of the cards provides the greatest opportunity for a spectacular finishing. In addition to the usual drop-down postcards creasing, used stamping foil, flocking, UV printing, contour cutting, cutting, stamping and embossing. Treatments can be combined. Please note that complex post-processing will take time. For urgent print runs, we recommend ordering cards with the logo in a more simple design.

Making postcards can be used on any material: heavy coated or glossy paper, premium design paper — metallic, textured, tactile effects, but also on cardboard or plastic.

Our experts will help you select the best option of printing and finishing of postcards, on the basis of the criterion price quality.

We have a delivery service of finished products to the address specified by the customer.


Making custom cards is possible at the layout of the client. You can also order prints cards exclusive design, entrusting its creation to the specialists of the printing house.

If you send greeting cards by mail, we recommend you stick to standard sizes for mailing.

Study design

By your order experts of our printing house can design a unique postcard design. Moreover, it can be unique for each recipient!

Stages of design development:

  • Development of the concept. Based on the design concepts it is possible to take samples of printed products from the printing catalogue or to develop a new version of the design.
  • The designer will choose the material basis of the printable cards, select the print technology, offers fonts and design elements, options for location labels, images, logo and will also help to determine the options of post-processing that will give the cards the most spectacular view.
  • After approval of the concept, developed the layout of the card, and the customer approves completely made up material.
  • Then you proceed to prepress files based on the technical requirements of typography. If necessary, treatment illustrations, photos: scanning, retouching, etc.
  • Typography can print samples of postcards that will help the customer make the final decision.
  • The edition sent to print, and then performs a post-printing treatment of products.
  • Finished postcards can be delivered to the address specified by the customer.

As a rule, no self-respecting company could do without invitation cards and tickets. And the printing house “Polygraph Media Group” is at your service here.
Our specialists will fulfil invitation cards printing in Moscow as soon as possible, they will also help you to work out the design and offer the most unusual kinds of paper.
Do you want to congratulate a b-day person or a just married couple with a bright and exclusive postcard? Then you have chosen the right way! Not depending on the circulation and using the most different exclusive paper, we will make any postcards. In case of corporate exhibitions or some other events you may need to print your people’s names. For that you may contact our managers with the list of names. We will be glad to print your cards using pressing, cladding and silk-screening. If you have any questions, you may contact our managers.

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Цветность 1+0 черно-белая печать с одной строны                      
Цветность 4+0 цветная печать с одной строны                      
Цветность 4+4 цветная печать с двух строн                      

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Printing Services

Offset printing

Offset printing is still the most popular form of printing, and at the same time, the classical way of printing services.

Digital printing

Digital printing is much faster and faster solves the issues associated with the speed of execution of any orders with any complexity.

Large format printing

Large format printing is used for the production of banners, banners, stands, performing its advertising functions around the clock and in any weather.

Design development

We offer services of design, layout of various printed products.

UV printing

UV printing - a kind of inkjet printing using inks that harden when examined by ultraviolet rays.

Plotter cutting

Technology that allows to penetrate to the substrate, carving, punching, cutting through the material along the contour of the image of different materials.

Advertising Printing

Advertising printing is the production of any printed materials used to promote products, services or the company that makes these products or services.

Office Printing

Fast printing

Urgent printing

Fast printing, typically performed with the use of digital technologies as prepress in this case requires a significant time and is reduced to working with color, affixing the label and determining the position of an object on the printed sheets.

24 hour printing

Printing PMG accepts print orders 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We provide a full range of printing services of high quality — from product conception to packaging and delivery of copies to the address specified by the customer.

Black and white print

Black and white print can be made as quickly as possible and with very high resolution.

Color print

A large part of printed products, customers today expect to print in color. Color printing is possible using both offset and digital technologies.

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