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The directory is a collection of descriptions of the products and services of the company. Descriptions of the technical and consumer characteristics of the goods can be very detailed, include color photos, diagrams, specifications, drawings; the product catalog may include advertising samples.

When ordering, catalogs and the manufacture of this type of product you need to consider that a directory typically used for a long time. Experts printing PMG will help you to choose the type and quality of paper, quality of printing, a method of manufacturing directory, types of finishing, taking into account characteristics specific directory. Even cheap catalog printing. we can print so that the illustrations were bright, diagrams and drawings — clear, and the paper and binding — strong.

The cost of printing the catalogs

Product catalogs help the company to target potential customers by products, services, prices. In this case, the print directory is used cheap paper, printing catalogs can be done in one color, with minimal post-processing. The cost of these directories is inexpensive, mass produced copies, you can print them immediately.

Branding /advertising catalogues produced in order to support the company's business reputation. In this case, the design and production of catalog may require additional time and budget for a higher quality of finishing.

In the printing PMG you can order the printing of directories on the finished layout of the customer: we will perform the actual printing of the catalogs and their finishing. You can also order manufacturer catalogs "turnkey", including the creation of original layout, selection of design paper, selection of the most spectacular options postpress edition. Keep in mind that the development of a catalog, usually requires the active participation of the customer.

Order catalogs printing PMG you can pass online, by phone, or place it in our office. We accept orders for printing catalogs, deliver finished goods to Moscow.

Bond directory

Given that directories are typically designed for prolonged use, we recommend the following ways of binding pages:

  • Staples (staples) — the most common method of binding pages and the most inexpensive. This bond is suitable for catalogs up to 60 pages when paper thickness 100-200g/sq m If fewer pages, the paper may be more dense.
  • Metal or plastic spring — not cheap, but the most practical and versatile option. Suitable for all types of directory gives wide possibilities for the choice of design and materials of the indoor unit and the cover of the catalog. The number of pages in the directory are not restricted.
  • Sewing and perfect binding is suitable for catalogs soft cover volume up to 350 pages. Typography carefully observes the technology, so that the catalog pages will be firmly kept in place.

The types of printing directories

Print catalogs typically use offset, digital printing and risography. The types of printing you can combine optimizing the parameters of price and quality. For example, some pages of the indoor unit can be printed on the risograph, and the cover — offset or digitally.

  • Offset printing is the best option of making long runs of color catalogs. Recommended formats: A3, A4, A5, A6.
  • Digital printing provides high quality and efficiency in small to medium print runs. Methods of digital printing include printing on the plotter, which provides better quality charts, drawings, maps. Recommended for ordering of catalogs formats: A3, A4, A5, A6.
  • Risography. This printing method has a low price and speed, but the printer can only print in one color. Using the icon-type indoor units of affordable catalogues.

The choice of materials for print

The catalog can be printed on any paper – spectacular design, honey coated, cheap offset. The text is better perceived on matte paper, and illustration on glossy paper will look brighter and more spectacular. Printable catalogs of branded products, covers or single sheets you can use catalog designer paper, imitating other materials, such as textiles, leather.

Printing PMG offers a wide variety of options for finishing printed products. In the manufacture directories are used, for example, foiling, die cutting including curly, laminating, flocking, UV varnishing, mounting rings, Piccolo, for large sheets, the catalog can be used creasing. Managers of printing houses, PMG will recommend the types of finishing that will help make your catalog more effective and user-friendly.

4+4 - обложка
1+1 - блок (52 полосы)
ламинация обложки с одной стороны
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4+4 - обложка
1+1 - блок (52 полосы)
ламинация обложки с одной стороны
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Printing Services

Offset printing

Offset printing is still the most popular form of printing, and at the same time, the classical way of printing services.

Digital printing

Digital printing is much faster and faster solves the issues associated with the speed of execution of any orders with any complexity.

Large format printing

Large format printing is used for the production of banners, banners, stands, performing its advertising functions around the clock and in any weather.

Design development

We offer services of design, layout of various printed products.

UV printing

UV printing - a kind of inkjet printing using inks that harden when examined by ultraviolet rays.

Plotter cutting

Technology that allows to penetrate to the substrate, carving, punching, cutting through the material along the contour of the image of different materials.

Advertising Printing

Advertising printing is the production of any printed materials used to promote products, services or the company that makes these products or services.

Office Printing

Fast printing

Urgent printing

Fast printing, typically performed with the use of digital technologies as prepress in this case requires a significant time and is reduced to working with color, affixing the label and determining the position of an object on the printed sheets.

24 hour printing

Printing PMG accepts print orders 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We provide a full range of printing services of high quality — from product conception to packaging and delivery of copies to the address specified by the customer.

Black and white print

Black and white print can be made as quickly as possible and with very high resolution.

Color print

A large part of printed products, customers today expect to print in color. Color printing is possible using both offset and digital technologies.

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