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Paper cups in recent years began to enjoy unprecedented popularity among coffee shops, fast-food eateries and other similar establishments. Thanks to them, after use is not required to wash the dishes, which reduces the cost of the drink. In addition, such cups for coffee or any other drink can be disposed of without harming the environment, which is important. To do such a thing yet and the media advertising of the product or brand simply to fulfill a memorable print on the glasses, for example, a logo, a catchy slogan, a branding image, etc. the Cost of such products will be small, but the efficiency is high enough, which has repeatedly been proven well-known brands, making them distinct.

Manufacturer of paper cups with the logo of one of the services of the company "PMG Printing house". Here you can order branded cups at a bargain price. Print products using only safe, environmentally friendly materials, and printing is carried out on modern equipment using the latest technologies. Besides, we offer the customer an experienced designer of typography, which will make a layout according to individual parameters, allowing to produce exclusive paper cups with logo, the walls of which will have a rigid shape, and appearance will attract the consumer's attention at first sight.

The cost of production

The price of the cups with a logo depends on several parameters of the order:

  • the availability of a ready design or need for the development;
  • the quality of the material used and the density;
  • volume, typically a disposable Cup with lid holds 0.3 or 0.4 ml, but it all depends on its purpose;
  • type of application image;
  • beauty;
  • production time (in "Printing SGP" can request urgent printing on paper cups;
  • circulation — the higher it is, the less the price of one copy.

The total amount, how much cost make branded cups, the Manager can only be called after will be known to all of the above data.

To order the production of paper cups

"PMG printing house" specializiruetsya in the production of printed products of high quality. Printing on paper cups is one of the services of the company. Realizing today how important individuality, the printing house offers you the simple, low cost but quite effective way to advertise is to print on paper cups. Production "Printing PMG" is equipped with the most modern equipment, allowing to produce such paper products under the order, and then carry a logo. Branded cardboard cups are ideal for exhibitions, presentations, conferences, and for coffee shops and other establishments who appreciate quality packaging product. In order to start cooperation, you will only need to leave the application, making it personally in the office or sending an e-mail.

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Printing Services

Offset printing

Offset printing is still the most popular form of printing, and at the same time, the classical way of printing services.

Digital printing

Digital printing is much faster and faster solves the issues associated with the speed of execution of any orders with any complexity.

Large format printing

Large format printing is used for the production of banners, banners, stands, performing its advertising functions around the clock and in any weather.

Design development

We offer services of design, layout of various printed products.

UV printing

UV printing - a kind of inkjet printing using inks that harden when examined by ultraviolet rays.

Plotter cutting

Technology that allows to penetrate to the substrate, carving, punching, cutting through the material along the contour of the image of different materials.

Advertising Printing

Advertising printing is the production of any printed materials used to promote products, services or the company that makes these products or services.

Office Printing

Fast printing

Urgent printing

Fast printing, typically performed with the use of digital technologies as prepress in this case requires a significant time and is reduced to working with color, affixing the label and determining the position of an object on the printed sheets.

24 hour printing

Printing PMG accepts print orders 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We provide a full range of printing services of high quality — from product conception to packaging and delivery of copies to the address specified by the customer.

Black and white print

Black and white print can be made as quickly as possible and with very high resolution.

Color print

A large part of printed products, customers today expect to print in color. Color printing is possible using both offset and digital technologies.

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