Заказать звонок

The production of paper bags in recent times is very popular. First, the use of such packaging allows you to contribute to the protection of the environment (get rid of plastic containers). Second, it is possible to produce paper bags to put on them a logo and make them an effective advertising medium. Without a doubt, any product placed in a package, it will be more presentable. The company "PMG Printing house" carries out printing paper bags custom made from eco-friendly materials do not harm the environment. Printing images is accomplished with the use of modern technology, accurately calibrated equipment and experienced designers. As a result, the customer receives a bright and beautiful packaging, with a stylized image.

The cost of printing paper bags

The amount required in order to manufacture paper bags with logo, depends on several factors:

  • the type and weight of paper used for the manufacture;
  • the amount of circulation;
  • the size of the package;
  • handle type;
  • the number of colors image, colorful;
  • the print type;
  • options postpress;
  • the availability of a ready layout or the need for its development;
  • the date of manufacture.

"PMG printing house" works 24/7 without holidays and weekends, so making paper bags with logo can be made in the shortest possible time. The final amount will be able to call the Manager only after clarification of all order parameters.


Paper bags with logo are made from the following materials.

  1. Coated paper. Optimal material thickness 170 GRS/m2. Budget option, often used when you need to produce a branded package in a large volume.
  2. Cardboard. The density of the material from 215 g/m2. At the price of more expensive coated paper.
  3. The designer paper. This material is essential when you full-color brand package, emphasizing the importance of the advertised company.

Handle in such products, ropes or punching. Often branded paper bags of this type are used at exhibitions, conferences, various presentations to raise the image. Afalin. Durable and abrasion resistant material having a textured embossing. For such a branded package is applied by offset printing, silk-screen printing and embossing.

Printing method, timing, and minimum order

Manufacturer of branded packs in the company "PMG Printing house" is carried out on modern technologies.

  1. Offset printing. It is instrumental in the release of large circulation, not less than 500 copies.
  2. Screen printing. The technology is designed to manufacture short runs. Logos is applied in such a way, different saturation and brightness.
  3. Flexography. Printing method branded packages, it is rational to apply for the release of a large batch of 10 thousand pieces.

Given that "Printing PMG" is available, for the implementation of the order will require a minimum of time, depending on the complexity of design and other factors. Minimum order – 1 copy.