How could you give your clients maximum information about your company and offered products and services? You could make a large newspaper article. But it’s expensive and is good just for once. But you do need something that could both interest people and not burden them. Leaflets and fliers are not very suitable in this case.
But there is another way, which is booklet printing. Booklets can be different; they could look like a book. That’s why they can be very compact. It means that the customer can take it and put into the pocket, handbag or case.
The front page of the booklet is made in color, in order to attract you customer’s attention. But the inner block is for placing the information. It’s essential to remember that you shouldn’t place too much information, it as to be easy and pleasant to read. The back page could be used for placing your company’s contacts.
A booklet can be very informative despite its small size. And if you pay attention to the design your customer will be truly interested.
So you shouldn’t forget about that kind of advertisement. It’s quite cheap to print booklets. So their effect will finally repay your costs.

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