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The Printing House “Polygraph Media Group” was founded in October, 1, 2006.
At the present time it is one of the leading competitors in the market of printed products. 
Our print shop produces a wide range of printed products from complex packaging, multiple page catalogues and calendars to small brochures and A4 booklets with two and more folds. 
We are looking forward to make a really strong contribution to the development of the modern Russian market of printing production, because we make only high quality product and provide our clients with high quality service, no matter what needs or budgets they have. We want to make sure our clients get maximum profit from our collaboration. 
Our main priority is constant perfection of our professionalism in order to stay the guarantee of quality order processing at the agreed time, no matter how complicated your order will be. 
We are available for cooperation: 
- full range of printing service as well as pre-printing and post-printing needs
- location in the central part of Moscow
- individual approach to every client
- advanced technology level 
- specialists of the highest qualification 
- a renewed equipment stock from the leading European manufacturers 
- complex printing CMYK+PANTONES
- printing with metallic paints and screen inks 
- combining of offset and stencil screen printing
- unique service level 
- bonus and discount system 
- circulation supply to the customer 
True professionals appreciate our work. Our experience turns out to become quality of your printing production!

Наберите нам +7 (495) 120-0209 или нажмите кнопку справа!

Мы действительно заботимся о наших пользователях и нашем продукте.



Цифровая печать.

  1. Heidelberg Linoprint CV

  2. Konica-Minolta 1060


Широкоформатная Печать.


  1. Epson Stylus PRO 9900


Сувенирная печать.


  1. Roland LEF-20




Call us +7(495)120-02-09 and you can order sample!

We really care about our users and our product.

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